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Thailand: The Land Of Smiles?

Last September my husband and I travelled to Thailand for our honeymoon. We began our adventure in Khao Lak on a beautiful beach front, marvelling over monitor lizards and colourful crabs. We're definitely not the type to sit and relax, although I sometimes got the impression that my husband would have rather gone on a nice walk than stood in a bush for an hour, trying to capture an image of a beautiful sunbird. After 6 serene days in this small town, we head off to our next destination; Phuket. The atmosphere was completely different: traffic, people, slightly less wildlife. Nevertheless we continued to discover this beautiful city, after a few days of shopping and exploring we decided to go to Phi Phi island; somewhere I had never heard of before, but somewhere I would definitely go again. It was picturesque, and the wildlife was plentiful.

So, is Thailand the land of smiles? well we definitely experienced some wonderful and interesting people, but the thing that fulfilled this statement for me was the joy that we experienced, through the food, wildlife, culture and each other.

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