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About Me



Thank you for visiting my page today! 


Where do I start; I am a wife, and mum of two gorgeous boys, I enjoy cooking - and eating, going for walks, I enjoy a bit of interior design and love a good board game. I am the kind of person that naturally illustrates my life with emojis and have no boundaries when it comes to using exclamation marks!


But on a more serious note, my journey as a photographer began in 2012, since then my love for photography has transitioned from a hobby into a profession. I am experienced in providing photos for individuals and businesses wanting to promote their services, enhance their online presence and communicate effectively to their audience. 

My role is to capture your vision for your photoshoot; whether you know exactly what you want or need some creative direction, I am here to guide you and represent you effectively through photography.


Drop me a message if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!  

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