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About Me



Thank you for visiting my page today! 


Where do I start; I am a wife, and mum of two gorgeous boys, I enjoy cooking - and eating, going for walks, I enjoy a bit of interior design and love a good board game. I am the kind of person that naturally illustrates my life with emojis and have no boundaries when it comes to using exclamation marks!


But on a more serious note, my journey as a photographer began in 2012, since then my love for photography has transitioned from a hobby into a profession. Photography really is the thing that makes me come alive and I feel truly blessed that this is my job! I hope you get to witness this passion first hand and are put at ease as I help you make lasting memories.


Whether you're looking for some new images to promote your small business, some updated portraits or a natural family shoot, you will get everything I have to give; in the form of inspiration, enthusiasm and great photos!


Over the years I have worked in photo editing, fashion, hospitality and childcare and I really do feel inspired by each of these experiences and believe they have made me the photographer I am today. 


Drop me a message if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!  

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